In-Person Church Services Start Nov. 7th!

The Board of Directors of Holy Covenant MCC has been monitoring the situation around COVID-19 carefully, following news reports and the Departments of Public Health for Chicago and for the state of Illinois. We know that some members of our community and some family members are in fragile states of health, and it is vital that they are protected. At the same time, fear cannot rule our lives.

UPDATE 10/29/21

Holy Covenant’s Board of Directors is eager to resume worshiping together with everyone! We have been reviewing guidelines and statistics every month in preparation. Our goal is to balance the desire and need for in-person worship in Holy Covenant’s building with the desire and need to protect each other, as well as the progress of the repairs and renovations in the building.
We are overjoyed to announce that we will resume in-person worship on November 7, 2021!
Please note the following:
  • We will not be singing (although there will be music)
  • We will require masks (we will have some available for those who do not have one) and we will be socially distanced. Temperatures will be checked at the door. Vaccination is encouraged for those who are able.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and take care of yourself, and watch us on Facebook or YouTube!
  • Communion will not be by intinction (dipping) nor will we have a shared cup for now, until health guidelines permit these methods to resume. We will have individual disposable cups and Rev Martha will be placing Communion wafers in each person’s hand (not in mouths).
  • We will continue to live-stream the service.
Our building is looking so fresh and beautiful after the renovations, we cannot wait for you to see it and to share worship in person once again!
               Prayers will be available but confirm with the prayer partner how close to them you are comfortable being. Wrist bands will be available at the door. Red means you are not comfortable with physical contact and would prefer a wave or other acknowledgment; yellow indicates some contact is OK (perhaps a fist or elbow bump), and green says you are comfortable with a hug."
               We will live stream the full service via Facebook Live. The camera will be focused on the altar/pulpit area; the congregation will not be visible on-camera. The video of the service will be available on both Facebook (shortly after the service) and on Holy Covenant’s YouTube channel (sometime that week).

Coffee Hour
             We will offer coffee hour, with coffee and individually wrapped treats. We have a pleasant deck area, with seating, outside if you prefer to be outside rather than inside.

These guidelines were arrived at by the Board after a lot of prayers, research, thought, and discussion. We remember our first command as a community of faith: “Love one another.” Part of loving one another is keeping each other safe and respecting each other’s health needs and decisions. Please take care of yourself, and do what you need to do to stay safe and well.

Blessings to you in the name of the Great Healer—

Rev Martha Daniels
And Board of Directors

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