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On June 17, 2018, Holy Covenant had the honor of showing our pride by participating in the first-ever pride parade in Aurora, IL.

As part of the 5,000-person parade, representing some 60 civic organizations, activist groups, churches, and politicians, we braved the extreme heat to celebrate with the 3,000 energized spectators. We distributed beads, contact cards, and the coloring book named "PRIDE: You Can't Heal If You're Hiding From Yourself." courtesy of Dr. Ron Holt, and we're all out by the end of the route. An interview with Dr. Ron Holt by ABC News San Francisco on Thursday, June 21, 2018, is available here. You can also click on his photo below to go to the link. His very popular book is available on Amazon, just click on the blue link to purchase yours. His YouTube page is here with videos on coming out.

This video is courtesy and with the permission of Dr. Ron Holt.

Dr. Ron Holt interview on ABC San Francisco

In spite of the warm weather and damp t-shirts, everyone involved truly felt the love and support of those around them as the minimal protests were drowned out by the crowd and the joyous pride soundtrack.

Here's hoping the parade becomes an annual fixture for Holy Covenant, and for the city of Aurora.